How to get a job as a retail assistant

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If you are interested in managing stock, helping customers, and stacking and displaying items and goods then maybe a job as retail assistant is right for you! Here’s how you can get a job as a retail assistant.

What is a retail assistant?

First of all, what is a retail assistant and what does their job involve?

Retail assistants work in stores and shops. They are in charge of providing high quality customer support. They do this by greeting customers and helping them to find products in order to meet their standards and needs.

Retail assistants can also assist with training new staff members and guiding staff to provide service to the best of their abilities.

Some common duties and tasks of a Retail Assistant include:

  • operating cash registers and accepting payments
  • preparing finance arrangement such as contracts and invoices
  • ordering items
  • providing customers with information on goods and items (price, location, use and care)
  • keeping the store tidy by stacking, pricing and displaying goods and items

What kind of qualifications and skills do you need?

You will most likely get training on-the job and you do not need to have any formal qualifications. Like most jobs, the entry level requirements can vary, but most retail employers normally require Year 10. However, if you would like to guarantee your position as a Retail Assistant or even gain more experience and skills, you should enrol in a course in retail or a related field.

It is also important that you have the right skills to become a Retail Assistant! Some great skills to have can include:

  • self-motivation
  • positive attitude
  • organisation
  • resourcefulness
  • confidence
  • enthusiasm

It is also important that you have the right personal requirements to become a Retail Assistant:

  • have a neat personal appearance
  • good communication skills
  • able to deal with money with accuracy and precision
  • enjoy working with people
  • good problem-solving skills

You can check out Skills Match if you are unsure about the skills that you have. Just put the jobs or careers you have previously had (this can include unpaid work). Then you can see the skills that you may have from your jobs.

Then, just compare your skills with those of a Retail Assistant!

Where to find a Retail Assistant job during COVID-19

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak many retail workers have been stood down. And at the moment many retail shops are closed in Australia. However, as most supermarkets are still open, supermarket type jobs such as Woolworths, Coles, Aldi are still looking for new people to employ. But don’t worry if you are not looking for a supermarket type job, more traditional retail jobs will come back after COVID-19 is over.

To help you find job vacancies near you, the jobactive website adds new vacancies each day.

I’ve got a job interview to be a retail assistant, help!

Before you go for a job interview, it is important to know some of the questions you might be asked.

Because we are here for you, here is a quick video. It takes you through some questions you might be asked in an interview for a retail assistant job.

What will you get paid?

Retail assistants in Australia get paid approximately $961 a week.

How competitive is the market?

The retail industry is actually one of the largest industries in Australia. The market is competitive, however employers often hire people who have:

  • a friendly personality
  • the ability to provide good customer service
  • outlined their soft skills on their resumes
  • an ability to connect with people

Quick facts about retail work

Here are some fun facts about retail assistant work:

  • retail assistants can also be known as sales assistants
  • retail based jobs are one of the most common in Australia
  • the future growth of retail assistants is strong
  • 28% of retail assistants work full-time
  • the average full-time work hours is 41

Now you know everything there is to know about becoming a Retail Assistant! Good luck with your job search.

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