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How to get a job as an admin assistant

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Are you interested in compiling business reports, creating presentations, and providing customer service? Then maybe a job as an administrative assistant is right for you! Here’s how you can get a job as an admin assistant.

What is an admin assistant?

First things first. What exactly is an admin assistant and how is the role different to other office jobs?

Admin assistants provide support to managers and other employees.

They are responsible for managing and distributing information. They work in the background to assist businesses and make sure they run smoothly.

Admin assistants often:

  • prepare documents and information for business trip
  • answer and direct phone calls to appropriate staff
  • schedule appointments and meetings
  • find ways to improve administrative processes
  • plan business events

Most of the time admin assistants work indoors with other admin assistants, professional or technical staff.

What kind of qualifications and skills do you need?

Formal qualifications are not required to become an admin assistant. You will most likely get entry leaving training on the job. But there is courses and certificates available that will be valuable to the role, such as a course in business or a related field.

Some personal requirements of an admin assistant include that you:

Some good skills to have in order to become an admin assistant can include:

  • good computer skills
  • communicate clearly
  • interact with a variety of people
  • have knowledge with how to use various Microsoft software
  • time management
  • resourcefulness
  • organisation
  • attention to detail

If you are unsure whether the skills you have match the skills required to be an admin assistant, try Skills Match. You can put in the jobs you have previously had (this can include unpaid work) and get a list of some skills that you may have gained from these jobs.

Then, just compare your skills with an admin assistant’s skills!


Got an interview for an admin assistant job?

It is important that you have an idea of some common interview questions that you might be asked, before you go in for a job interview.

Because we’ve got your back, here’s a video we prepared earlier that goes through some questions you might be asked in an interview for an admin assistant job.

What will you get paid?

In Australia the average admin assistant has a weekly pay of around $1,000$1,200.

How competitive is the market?

The admin assistant market is pretty competitive. This is because there is some sort of administration position in many different industries. As a result of this, it is important that you do everything you can to make yourself stand out in the application process. In order to do this you can:

  • make sure that your resume is relevant to the industry and company that you are applying for
  • remember to talk about soft skills on your resume
  • use your resume to talk about your experience with technology
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Quick facts about admin assistant work

Here are some quick facts about admin assistant work:

  • admin assistants work in office environments in a variety of industries
  • government administration, health, education, business and legal and accounting services mainly employ admin assistants
  • Clerks can also be known as admin assistants
  •  57% of admin assistants work full-time

Now you know pretty much everything you need to know to become an admin assistant. Best of luck with your job search!

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