Changes to the jobactive dashboard

We’re making some changes to the jobactive dashboard on 7 March 2020. Here’s a rundown.

Compliance indicator

We’re changing the way we let you know about your compliance. Right now the compliance indicator sits next to the job search effort wheel.

Feedback from our users has told us this is not the best way to communicate compliance information. From March 7, we are introducing banners and a smaller compliance indicator.


We are moving your compliance information to the top of your dashboard.

Any time your status updates, you will see a banner. No banner, no problems.

Red banners let you know if something has happened to affect your payment. You can’t dismiss a red banner. It will stay there until you complete whatever action is required. You will always have a corresponding item in your tasks to do that gives you more information.

Yellow banners give you information about demerits. You can dismiss a yellow banner after you have read it by clicking the x.

When you dismiss a yellow banner, you will see a smaller version of the compliance indicator. You can click the Participation history button to get more information about any demerit or compliance action you have.

Latest messages

We send important information about your payment and your requirements by email and SMS – depending on what preferences you have set.

We also send a copy to your inbox here on your dashboard. It’s so important, we’ve made a permanent spot for your latest messages.

If you are ever wondering what’s happening with your requirements, demerits, payment or job search effort, there is a good chance you will find the answer in your inbox.

You can check out our user guides for more information about your jobactive website account.

Watch this video for a demonstration of the new dashboard.

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