Use the Skills Match tool to see jobs that suit you

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Did you know you can use the Skills Match tool to get insights into your skills, see jobs that suit you, and explore career ideas?

Skills Match on Job Outlook is a free, easy to use tool that can help you at any stage of your work life. Read on to find out more!

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Many jobs = many skills

Many Australians change jobs during their working life, and if this is you, it means you probably have a broad range of skills.

In fact, between 4 to 5 million people move in, out and between jobs each year.

That’s a lot movement in the workforce and shows why you need to understand your relevant skills when changing jobs.

People change their jobs and careers for a wide variety of reasons, and you can use the Skills Match tool to see jobs best suited if you are:

  • looking for a job promotion
  • returning to work
  • facing retrenchment
  • transitioning to a new career
  • a migrant exploring opportunities
  • wanting to broaden your skills
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“…studies have estimated that Australians will make 17 changes in employers across 5 different careers.”

The Foundation for Young Australians

You may still be in your first job, have made a number of career moves, or you could have been in the same job for a really long time. Regardless, it’s useful to understand your skills so you can understand future job options that suit you.

How will the Skills Match tool help?

The Skills Match tool can give you new job or career ideas.

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List the jobs you have done in the past, and you’ll get a guide to the skills and expertise people typically build doing that type of work.

It’s really helpful information – especially when you’re building your resume or doing job applications. You probably don’t fully realise the wide range of skills you could have developed over your work history.

After you’ve reviewed the skills list, you can take the next step and see jobs that use the same or similar skills. You’ll get a list of jobs rated from a strong to weak match, and find out what skills you might need to build to get ready and qualified to do the type of work you want to do.

Try the Skills Match tool at Job Outlook right now and find out just how easy it is to use!

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