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Getting a job is a bit like dating; the perfect match takes time and effort. Gone are the days where you’d have to get out there to meet people. We’re all online and now you need to get an employer to “swipe right” on you.

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You can job search at any place, any time, even from the comfort of your home while rocking track pants and eating microwave popcorn.

Much like online dating, you need a good profile to get an employer’s attention. There’s a careful balance between not enough information, and over-sharing. Employers like to hear about volunteering work, but that one time you went to band camp is best kept to yourself.

So, how do you get an employer to “swipe right” on you?

A well crafted professional profile is the first step to getting that “match”. But what should it look like? Your profile should be organic, and should grow with you because it is your opportunity to market yourself.

There are plenty of online job boards like jobactive, LinkedIn, and Seek where employers can search for you. Maintaining your profile with up to date skills and experience is important because it shows you are actively promoting yourself.

Sell YOU

First impressions count!

What you put online is how prospective employers will first view you, so Google yourself and make sure the results align with the image you want to project.

Many parts form your online identity not just your professional profile, and an employer can probably find all or most of these even if you use an alias.

Will you spark joy with employers or will they run for the hills?

alt="mugshot of young guilty man at police station where an employer will not want to swipe right"
This will not spark joy with potential employers

Employers are more inclined to “swipe right” on candidates with leadership characteristics, and soft skills such as communication and problem solving.

Include any volunteer or charity work you have done because it shows you are engaged with your community.

Quantify your achievements

Why? Because it’s tangible and gives credibility. Anyone can claim they’re great at something, but to prove it is what sets you apart. Highlight your achievements to really “sell you” because no one else will!

Employers are not mind readers (I know, I’m just as shocked as you are). It’s up to you to paint a picture for maximum appeal so you can get an employer to “swipe right” on you.

alt="image of star rating and a hand placing a fifth star in a series"

Try using the STAR method to highlight how you have applied your skills and knowledge to achieve outcomes at work.

Link your published work to your profile to demonstrate your previous achievements, or ask a colleague for a professional endorsement.

Keep it classy to get employer swipes

Your professional image should be exactly that; professional.

Your photo will be the first time an employer gets a look at you, so take some time to get your picture right.

alt="man saying track pants are so hot right now"
They’re actually not, unless you’re at home.

As obvious as this may be, double check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Every aspect should be polished to perfection.

Make sure you have a conservative email address to use with job applications. For example, using your name is a safe option, but something risque does not give the best impression.

If you’re applying outside of your usual industry, try to avoid acronyms and jargon in your profile, and instead use layman’s terms wherever possible so your content is readily understood.

Remember, the objective is to have an appealing online profile to get an employer to “swipe right” on you. Good luck, and may the odds be in your favour.

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  1. Great advice. Gone are the days where you could write up you resume with the duties you have done. Gotta give the an “experience” of you. Job search like a marketer. You gotta show what’s in it for them to recruit you. Especially in online world, because employers can make a decision just by googling you whether you are going to be a match.

  2. I once told a prospective employer that “working here would be better than a belt- fed mortar”.
    He didn’t understand at all. Needless to say I never got the job as a holster fabricator for roosters.

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