When is it a good time to change your job?

Most people go through a few jobs over their careers. But how long do you stay in a job before you pack up and move on to the next opportunity?

People once stayed in the same job for decades, but these days job hopping is more common than you think. Workers frequently switch jobs in search of career growth, flexibility or higher salaries.

An ABS 2018 report found that over a million Australians switched jobs in 2018.

With that in mind, it makes you wonder, how often is too often when it comes to job hopping?

Changing jobs as a newbie in the workforce

Being a newbie in the workforce you’re probably trying to figure out what you want to do.

In the beginning, you’re usually trying to sort out:

  • what you’re good at
  • what your passions are
  • what new skills you need to learn

But how long should a newbie stay in a job? No one gives you a road map when you’re starting your career.

The rule of thumb according to Australian experts is around two to three years.

This time should allow you to gain experience to get your career off the ground and learn new skills.

Changing jobs when you’re established in the workforce

A decade ago employees were likely to stay in a job for 10 or more years, but this has changed over time. Now, people aged 45 and above are likely to change jobs after 6 years.

The main reasons people leave their jobs are:

  • lack of career progression
  • a bad work environment
  • the desire for a career change

If you’re looking to get into a more senior role then take care when job hopping. Employers will expect you to stay for the long haul – between three to five years. If you want to pursue a senior role in the future, you should get comfy and buckle down for long stretches in your jobs.


Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the workforce for a while, job hopping is a thing you’ll do across all ages and stages in your career. But there’s somethings you should consider before taking the leap into your next job.

Weigh up your options peeps!

Weigh up all your options before job hopping. If you’re looking for a higher salary, consider if it’s the most important thing to you. Your current job might offer flexibility, have a great culture or benefits that you might not find in another job.

Get new skills

If you bored in your job or want a career change then you’re never too old to do that! Have you consisted upskilling? It may help you grow in your current role or find something else that will progress your career in the right direction.

Final thought

Everyone’s journey is different. Careers never go in a straight-line they often zig zag. Just make sure any change you make aligns with your vales and professional goals.

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