Will robots take our jobs?

Goodbye jobs, hello…robots? While I wouldn’t mind having a robot to do all the household chores and waiting on me hand and foot, but it doesn’t mean I’m ready for a robot to take my job. With alarming news reports of robots taking over our lives and reports of the fourth industrial revolution, you have to wonder the impact robots will have on our jobs. While some jobs will be replaced with machines in the future, they can’t completely replace humans, especially in the areas of development, creativity and human interaction. But if this still hasn’t eased your mind, don’t worry. We have jumped in our DeLorean and gone back to the future, to compile a list of jobs that will require humans and robots to work together in the future.

Robotics engineer

The way we live is changing and robots are playing a larger role in our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting better and new technology is making a difference.

As technology develops there will be a need for more robotics engineers to design, maintain and test new technology. But what’s the typical work day like for a robotics engineer? The role can include designing plans to creating the software systems that control robots. It also involves problem solving and fixing issues when the robots are down. If you want to get into this field, you have to study engineering and need a formal qualification plus on the job training. Robotics involves mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer science to come together to design, construct and manage robots.

There are already some early examples of robots and people teaming up, like Samsung Bot Care which reminds you to take your medication or call emergency services if something happens. Another is Romeo, designed to help the elderly by opening doors, reaching for objects and climbing stairs. You could be part of the development of the next generation of robots!

Health professionals

Unless there is a medical breakthrough to keep everyone alive and healthy forever, we’ll continue to need health professionals. Technological advances in health care will help doctors diagnose patient’s faster, help nurses perform routine check-ups and provide more accurate pathology images. AI research is already advancing medical understanding of blood vessels in the eye and detecting lung cancer.  

There are also examples of medical professionals using technology in new ways right now. Surgeons are using robots to help operate on patients. This means fewer complications, less invasive surgeries and faster healing time for patients. 3D printing is being used to create limbs and organs. This new technology is developing low-cost prosthetic limbs and in next decade, will be able to print organs like livers, hearts, and kidneys. The demand for medical staff will continue to grow and AI will help health professionals deliver better patient care.

Content creators

As the world goes more digital, there is an increasing demand for online content to be created, managed, shared and promoted. As this space develops, the role of AI will help redefine the delivery and creation of digital content. AI is able to absorb huge amounts of data and segment it like location, age and competitors. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can predict which posts a user will like, comment, or hide. Algorithms also allow users to see specific ads and posts their interested in. It sounds a little creepy, but by analysing the data, businesses can better meet their target audience’s needs. Data analysts and digital experts will play a larger role to create better online content, with the help of AI.

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