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5 reasons you should go to a job fair

If you are looking to get your first job, find a new job, or change careers, a job fair might be just the ticket. Job fairs, or career fairs, are beneficial for job seekers and employers alike. If you’re looking for work, these events can link you up with employers who are looking to hire. Here’s five reasons why you should go to a job fair.

1. Find out who is hiring

If you aren’t sure what the job market is like in your area, a job fair can give you insights into who is hiring. Each fair is different, but usually employers have multiple positions going. This means you have better chances of landing a position. Sometimes there are jobs that are only advertised at a job fair, so you can improve your odds by hearing about job opportunities not advertised elsewhere.

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2. Find out what jobs are in demand

As well as finding out who is hiring, job fairs are a great place to find out what types of jobs are in demand. If you are considering different options, a fair can help you work out where there might be more opportunities. This is especially helpful if you are changing careers. Do some research on Job Outlook first, this will help you get more prepared before the job fair.

3. Find out what’s happening in your industry

When looking for a new job in your current industry, job fairs are a great place to start. Get the latest information about what skills are in demand so you can position yourself for those roles. Job fairs are also a great opportunity to reconnect or create networks with your industry colleagues. Even if you don’t get a job straight away, it will give you a valuable head start in your job search and alert people in your industry that you are available.

4. Introduce yourself to the hiring manager at the job fair

Job fairs give employers the chance to put a face to a name, so introduce yourself. If an employer meets you at a job fair, you’ll have a better chance that they will remember you when you submit your job application. Leave a memorable impression by dressing well and being prepared with your elevator pitch. You want them to remember you for all the right reasons.

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5. Network

Use the next job fair as an opportunity to build your professional network. Job fairs can be a great place to network and make new connections whether you are starting out in the workforce, going back to work after a break or changing careers. Don’t forget to collect business cards of relevant people and follow up with them after the event. This will demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in working for their organisation.

Have you been to a job fair recently? Share your tips in the comments.

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