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You won’t believe what these people do for a living. Are they your dream job?

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As kids, we have big dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. But for many of us we never even considered becoming a beer quality controller, a video game designer or a crocodile production manager. Here’s five amazing jobs done by real Australians and their tips on how to get into the industry.

1. Crocodile production manager

Australia is famous for its beef and lamb. It forms the backbone of a growing export industry. With increased demand from China and South East Asia, we’re also exporting speciality produce like crocodile.

“I’m a crocodile production manager in Darwin. I raise saltwater crocodiles from collecting the eggs all the way through to skinning and processing. The final product is shipped overseas. The best part of the job is I get to work with animals all day from hatchlings to five metre adult crocodiles.

I have a degree in environmental science but that wasn’t the thing that helped me get the job. I had a passion for crocodiles, enjoyed being outdoors and was willing to work hard.

If you want to get into the industry, start off volunteering in a zoo or crocodile farm or anything like that.”

2. Video game designer

The video game industry is huge. It’s bigger than Hollywood. Much bigger. It’s tipped to hit US$145 billion this year and grow at 10% year on year. While there’s a boom in the United States, Australia has it’s very own home grown industry that you can be a part of. Here’s some tips from someone in the industry.

Video game developer at work

“I’m a lead game designer in Melbourne. It’s one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment and a big driver of technological change. It’s hugely collaborative. I work with people from software engineers to artists to help build the same creative vision.

I studied professional writing and editing. To get your foot in the door, don’t be precious. I did a small indie project in my early twenties. My first project as a designer was Pony Friends II. The target market was certainly not me, but I loved that project. “

3. Beer quality manager

It’s true, someone has to test the quality of beer but it may not be exactly what you’d expect. It involves a lot of analytics and testing.

Man testing the quality of beer at Young Henry's brewery

“I starting working in hospitality and IT – I worked all the way up from scratch in IT. Then I met a couple of the founders of the brewery and persisted. I left my IT job to work here. So I started off working in the bar a bit.

I did a course over in the United States, a quality course. From there I just helped set up a laboratory from the beginning to what it is now. As I got into it I definitely got a lot more interested in the science of it. That’s why I’m doing what I am now rather than being a brewer.

I think this is my ultimate job. There’s a lot more that we need to be doing in the lab. There’s a lot more that will expand as the business grows.”

4. 3D printer

While the printing industry is shrinking, the 3D printing market is a new frontier just waiting to be conquered. Soon we’ll be 3D printing spare parts for our cars and our bodies.

Woman working in her 3D printing production and design studio

“I’m the industrial designer and training manager of a 3D printing studio.
I studied industrial design at university and it’s a very hands-on course, so there’s a lot of practical elements.

I like how hands-on it is, that it isn’t just sitting in front of a computer the whole time. I’m actually getting my hands in the machines, fixing them, making the physical models and seeing these things come to life. The best part of the job is working on projects that have a lot more meaning behind it, so helping people who have say medical issues. We’re doing a leg brace at the moment for a man with polio and designing things that have a meaning because it eases his pain and makes sure he has a better way of life. ”

5. Air traffic controller

As more and more people fly across the country and around the world on holidays – there’s been a big spike in the need for pilots and air traffic controllers. If you’ve always dreamed of taking to the sky – here’s one way to do it.

Woman at work as an air traffic controller in Broome, Western Australia

“I’m an air traffic controller. My day-to-day job is providing safe and efficient air traffic control for any aircraft that’s overhead Broome.

I studied engineering and worked for a few years as a chemical engineer, and got into this line of work as a second career once the engineering boom slowed down.

I always say that your career is a jungle gym and not a ladder. When I first became a professional, I thought I’d just tick all these boxes and climb up this straight line and it’s just not like that. Moving side to side, and up and down, there’s absolutely no shame in that. It just adds texture to your life and to your career.

Every decision and every job and experience you have just gives you more skill sets to provide a better service for whatever industry you end up in.”

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