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Tips to get a job in 2019

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It’s New Year’s Day 2019, it’s 38 degrees and I am lying in the river with some of my best friends talking about what lies ahead for 2019.

Janet, who’s a bit of a procrastinator, says “This is the year of 100 for me. I am going to swim 100 kilometres this year. I am going to clean all the clutter from my apartment in the first 100 days. I’m going to save an extra $100 a month.”

Janet took things she thought were insurmountable and broke them into simple goals. She didn’t make general New Year resolutions like getting fit, losing weight, cleaning up her house. Janet made her goals clear. She broke them down into things she could do and show she had done.

It got us all talking about goals and how to achieve them. Just like The White Stripes song Little Acorns, it’s important to break down your goals into bite-size chunks. Like a squirrel putting away acorns for the winter, you do it one acorn at a time.

How to get a job in 2019?

The first thing to do is break down your job search into bite-size chunks and set goals to achieve them. Here’s some job search tips to get you going.

1. Freshen up your resume

Start the year with a fresh resume. Make sure it’s up to date and includes any voluntary work you’ve been doing over the break. Don’t forget any holiday casual work. It’s also time to rewrite your About Me section. There’s some great tips on if you need some examples. Why not create a range of different resumes for different jobs? Create 5 resumes in 5 days.

2. Make a list of businesses to cold call

One-in-three jobs aren’t advertised at all. The best way to get your foot in the door is to cold call places you’d like to work in your suburb or town. Take a walk this week and spot the places you’d like to work. Make a list of 10 places and contact them all in 10 days. You could have a job before the end of January! There’s some great tips on to build your confidence to cold call places.

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3. Pick a job that’s ripe for you

It’s peak fruit picking season, that means lots of fruit and vegetable picking jobs right across Australia. You could have a job in less than 5 days with harvest work. If you have never considered it, you could have regular work right now. Remember, picking fruit is a great stepping stone to a great job. It shows other employers you’re reliable and a hard worker. Just hit the Search button on this page to see all the fruit and vegie jobs – or read more about it. You could apply for a harvest job today and be picking next week!

4. Find out where the most jobs are

Some industries are booming. Australia is going through an infrastructure boom. New schools are going up. New roads being built. There’s a new railway line being built inland. The health industry is also going crazy with enormous demand for carers. One of the best ways to get a job is to apply for jobs in industries that are going gangbusters. The Labour Market Information Portal may sound boring but it will tell you where the best places are to get a job. Take a look at the Industry Employment Projections Report and pick 5 industries to focus your job search on. 

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