Christmas casual jobs aren't just for Santa

3 reasons Christmas casual jobs rock

Christmas casual jobs aren’t just for Santa. The job market is full of opportunities over the holiday period. You can earn extra cash, build up your resume and boost your chances of full time employment with a holiday job.

A lot of Christmas casual jobs are in retail. For some people the thought of listening to shopping centre Christmas songs on a never-ending loop is a total nightmare.

Carols can send you mad while working Christmas casual jobs

If you are one of those people, the good news is many types of businesses are looking for an extra helping hand over the holidays in industries like:

  • hospitality
  • warehousing
  • stock control and replenishing
  • postal delivery and logistics
  • driving

Just put Christmas in the keyword section on any job website, including jobactive, to see what jobs are on offer.

Type Christmas in the keywords to search for Christmas casual jobs on the jobactive website

No experience required

Quite a few Christmas casual jobs are entry level jobs, which means you do not necessarily need any qualifications or experience. That makes it a good option if you’re just starting out, coming back after a long break from work, or trying to get into a different industry.

Australia Post hires thousands of extra staff each year to make sure Christmas cards, presents and packages are delivered on time. Most of these jobs don’t require anything other than for you to be available and physically capable of doing the work.

Large retail chains usually have a specific way of doing things and will put you through training so you know what they expect from you.

Build transferable skills

People have been know to slightly lose their minds during the holidays, not to mention the after Christmas sales.

You deal with different types of customers working Christmas casual jobs

No matter the industry, if you work during the silly season you will gain a bunch of new skills to add to your resume, like:

  • communication
  • time management
  • conflict resolution
  • customer service
  • cash handling
  • working under pressure

You’ll also have plenty of examples of how you applied those skills that you can talk about during job interviews.

Meet people through a Christmas casual job

When you’re out of work, you can feel a little isolated. You know things are bad when you realise you spend more time with Ellen, Maury and Dr Phil than you do real life flesh and blood people.

Christmas casual jobs open up your social circles and let you meet new people. In many jobs you will be interacting with customers, and you can build connections with your co-workers.

Stay in touch with the people you meet while you’re working a holiday job if you can. As they say, it’s not what you know it’s who you know, and lots of jobs are still filled through word of mouth and informal networks.

Plus, the start of a new year is when people make changes in their lives, like moving to a new town. If you’re working casually over the holidays it is easier to slide in and nab a permanent job when a co-worker leaves.

And don’t forget volunteering

Another option to build your skills and give back to the community is a volunteering position. Many charities and not-for-profits need help over the festive period to:

  • wrap gifts
  • deliver presents to kids in need
  • serve food in soup kitchens

Volunteering also helps build your transferable skills and can lead to a paid position.

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  1. The person who wrote this clearly hasn’t been unemployed in the modern day before. What an uneducated twit, I feel very sorry for this writer being so intellectually deficient and deceitful.

    1. I have been unemployed. I graduated uni in 2008 – just in time for the global financial crisis – so I have a lived experience of not finding the type of work I wanted. It took me about four years after graduation to get a job in the field I studied in. It was very demoralising, especially considering I left work to go to uni so I could expand my career options. In the meantime I took jobs I did not want to do, and jobs that did not – at least at the time – seem like they were helping me reach any goal I had for my career. But, work is work right? All the stats and evidence show that ANY job is better than no job for your long-term career outcomes. Plus, as it says in the blog post, extra money at Christmas is not a bad thing.

      I hope your day gets better.

  2. I don’t think these job websites are as good as they make out they aren’t practical and if i was to write a book about it it would be a very big long book!

  3. I must sat these are really very interesting reasons behind the Christmas casual jobs. and I would suggest that everyone should try out these jobs once in there life. Thanks for sharing this wonderful stuff!

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