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Here’s 5 reasons a job in hospitality is a boss move

It can be pretty daunting when you’re looking for a new job especially if you don’t know where you want to end up. With Summer around the corner, it’s going to be no time at all before it’s Christmas day and Uncle Barry asks what you’re doing with your life. Cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs; I’m here to tell you why a job in hospitality may be right for you.

1. Escape the 9 to 5

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One of the best things about ‘hospo’ is that it services those who work the 9 to 5 so when they aren’t working you are.

Working on a rotating roster can be an incredibly flexible way of living. If you can’t deal with mornings but love nights or have commitments like study this could be for you. As weekends are the busiest times you will generally have days off during the week, I can’t tell you how quick it is to breeze through the supermarket when no one is around, and don’t even get me started on how little traffic there is. And if you are lucky enough to get away you can make the most of mid-week discounted holiday deals.

2. Friends


I’ve never worked in an industry where there was a stronger bond of friendship than in hospitality. Apart from meeting new people every day, the amount of time you spend with your co-workers and the fact that you will have days off together means you will form strong and lasting friendships, some of my best friends today are still from my first bar job.

3. Save money, make money with a job in hospitality

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Let’s be honest, going out is expensive. These days enjoying a succulent Chinese meal with mates can go well into triple digits. In this industry, it’s standard to get fed a staff meal while on shift. It can also be a great second job when you need a little extra money. Not only are you making money, but you’re also not spending it.

4. Started from the bottom now I’m here.

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Hospo is an industry where you can start a job with no previous experience. Kitchen hand, bartender, glass hand and waiter are all examples of jobs with skills you can pick up and get better at over time (even if you do drop a few plates on the way).

5. Skills for life

knowledgeFor some, a job in hospitality can be for life, but for many, it’s an industry they move on from. The people and problem-solving skills that you pick up on can be used no matter where your career heads.



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