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What are the jobs of the future?

Have you ever thought about what the jobs of the future might be?

Hovercraft operator? Space tourism guide?

These sound great, but what about the jobs of the less distant future?

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Predictions for the jobs of the future

There are going to be changes to technology, the economy and our population. These factors will affect the number and type of jobs available in the next few years.
If you’re thinking about certain jobs or training courses, this might impact your choices.
The total number of jobs available is likely to rise. Estimates suggest increases between nearly 8% by 2022 and nearly 16% by 2024.

But where will the jobs be?

The 10 fastest growing occupations

Demand is likely to rise the most for:

  1. Midwifery and nursing
  2. Sales assistants
  3. Personal carers (such as aged-care and child-care workers)
  4. Accountants and auditors
  5. Primary school teachers
  6. Cleaners and laundry workers
  7. Accounting clerks and bookkeepers
  8. Hospitality workers
  9. Construction, distribution and production managers
  10. Tertiary education teachers

Other sources say jobs like these will be in demand too:

  • Registered nurses
  • Aged and disabled carers
  • Accountants
  • Electricians

Job seekers are also likely to need higher levels of education and training.

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The 10 jobs expected to have the least vacancies

Demand is likely to shrink for some jobs, such as:

  1. Database and systems administrators
  2. Delivery drivers
  3. Factory workers
  4. Prison and security officers
  5. Air transport professionals
  6. Wood trades workers
  7. Panelbeaters
  8. Animal attendants and trainers
  9. Printing trades workers
  10. Textile, clothing and footwear trades workers

What about the new jobs of the future?

So what kind of new jobs can we expect to see in the future?

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Five new jobs of the future

  1. Data specialist. Humans create a lot of data and this is likely to increase. Companies want to know how they can use this data to make better products and services.
  2. Food chemist. New food additives are constantly created. 3D printers can also now “print” foods for a low cost. Food chemists will help with these developments.
  3. Product designers. While robots will take over some jobs, they won’t be able to do everything. Creative jobs will become more important. Product designers will create things like wearable technology.
  4. Medical mentor. Machines and robots are likely to start diagnosing patients and do surgery. As a result, medical mentors will help care for patients. 
  5. Alternative energy consultantThe demand for alternative energy sources is increasing. So it is likely alternative energy consultant jobs will exist.


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