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Best jobs for introverts

Do you prefer to spend time on your own rather than in a big group? Do people sometimes call you reserved? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be an introvert. If that’s you, keep reading for our best jobs for introverts.

How to know if you’re an introvert

It’s estimated that up to half the world’s population is introverted.

There are degrees of introversion or extroversion. However most people will have a preference for one style over the other. It’s useful to consider what type of personality you have when you’re looking for work. You will enjoy work more and perform better if you can find a job that suits your style and preferences.

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If you’re an introvert, you probably prefer:

  • Focusing on one task at a time
  • Observing a situation before jumping in
  • One-on-one interaction
  • Spending time alone to recharge your energy
  • A quieter environment
  • Looking at details

Extroverts, in comparison, like to talk and get their energy from others.

Five Best jobs for introverts

  1. Computer programmer – This is a great job for the technically minded. Computer programmers design, develop and test code for computer programs. There is strong demand for this occupation with good earnings. You will need a bachelor degree or higher.
  2. Tradesperson – Being an electrician or plumber involves some discussion with clients. But mostly you are free to work on your own. You will need to like working with your hands. Both need a Certificate III or IV. Training is usually by apprenticeship.
  3. Medical laboratory scientist – This role involves working behind the scenes. You will run tests and help diagnose and treat patients. You will need a bachelor degree or higher.
  4.  Graphic designer or film/video editorYou will need to communicate with clients. However you are often designing on your own. Film and video editors may deal with a few key people, like a director. Mostly you work by yourself or small group to develop content from raw footage. Both occupations need a bachelor degree or equivalent experience.
  5. Accountant – This is a great job for those who like to work independently. If you have good maths and organisational skills, you may enjoy this role. You usually need a bachelor degree or higher.

Need more inspiration?

There are many other jobs that are great for introverts. Check out

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