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How your beliefs could stop you from having a successful job interview

Could your beliefs could be holding you back from having a successful job interview?

It’s scary to think about!

But don’t worry – by becoming aware of these beliefs you could improve your chances.

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Each of us processes things differently, says Maria Smith, founder of jobs training organisation Bounce Australia. We do this according to our “model of the world” or how we see things.

Three things that stop you from having a successful job interview

    1. You have a belief that says, ‘I can’t do job interviews’.
    2. You have a memory or a picture of a time when you didn’t do well at a job interview.
    3. Your body responds and you get nervous. You might start to tap your foot or you might start to sweat – a lot!

Smith says if you have a negative belief about interviews and a bad memory of an interview, it can affect your performance.

These beliefs and memories can leave you with a negative view of how things might go. They can also make you lack confidence in yourself, frightened and stressed out.

None of these things will help you in your interview!

You don't need to let nerves get the better of you when preparing for a successful job interview.

But there is a way to turn things around.

Smith says that when we start to do something  big, like prepare for a job interview, it’s a good idea to ask ourselves whether any negative beliefs we have are justified.

So if we’re feeling jittery or like there’s no point, we can ask ourselves what’s really going on.

Is the reaction we’re having due to what’s happening here and now? Or is it due to our beliefs about interviews or memories of an interview in the past?

By separating these out, we become free to relax when we go to a job interview!

There are other things you can try too.

Here is the approach recommended for athletes, performers and top business people when they’re getting ready for a big performance (like a job interview!)

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  1. Preparation: Have you thought of answers to possible questions? Have you researched the organisation? Decided what to wear?
  2. Helpful thinking: Focus on your positives to give yourself a chance.
  3. Visualisation: Picture yourself doing the interview and doing well. Do this several times.
  4. Relaxation: Practice deep breathing. Keep your mind and body calm by exercising, and sleeping and eating well.
  5. Perseverance: Even if you don’t get the job, you can notice what you did well and where you could improve to help you next time. You can also ask interviewers for feedback afterwards.

Good luck!

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