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Top jobs for a people person

Do you like to talk? Are you happiest when you’re around other people? If so, you should look for jobs for a people person.

It’s worth thinking about the things you like when you’re trying to decide what kind of job or career is for you.

Here’s a list of jobs for a people person.

How to know if you’re a people person

Are you outgoing and comfortable in groups? Do you enjoy working in teams?

If you’re a people person you will feel energised by being around others. You’ll probably prefer busy environments and people may call you extroverted. (Introverts, in comparison, recharge by spending time alone.)

Top jobs for a people person

Here are some of the top jobs if you get a kick out of being around people.

1. Sales representative

Sales representatives identify what a client needs and work to sell a product or service. It helps if you’re talkative! You’ll need good communication and people skills. Sales representatives work in many industries, but jobs are often in building supplies, business services and household goods. You will usually need a Certificate II or III, or at least a year of relevant experience to do this job.

2. Receptionist

Receptionists are the face of an organisation’s office. They meet with visitors and organise the activities and meetings of other people. Common roles are in health care, accommodation, food services, and professional services. In this job it will help if you have good people skills, can provide good customer service and be well presented. You will also usually need a Certificate II or III or one year of relevant experience.

3. Teacher

Like to try life out in front of the class instead of at the back? Teachers work with students to identify their educational needs and mentor them to improve. Teachers work in a range of settings including primary and high schools, TAFE,  and universities. You will need at least a Bachelor Degree or Postgraduate Diploma.

4. Nurse

Registered nurses provide care to patients in hospitals and other health care facilities. Nurses provide personal assistance, medication or emotional support to patients and others. It helps if you like to help others and can work independently. To be a registered nurse you will need at least a Bachelor Degree . Enrolled nurses require at least an Associate Degree, Advance Diploma or Diploma.

5. Bar attendant, barista or waiter

If you like working in busy environments, the hospitality industry might be for you. There are many hospitality roles you can consider. Bar staff prepare and serve drinks or coffee in bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. Baristas make coffee and other drinks in cafes and other outlets. Waiters work closely with customers to take orders and serve food. Most roles need a Certificate II or III or equivalent experience.

Barista is one of the top jobs for a people person.

Need more inspiration?

There are lots more jobs that require you to work closely with people. Check out fitness instructortravel agent, event planner, aged and disabled carer, or public relations.

If you still need some more inspiration, take our career quiz.

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