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How to look for work online

When you look for work online it definitely pays to sign up and make an account on a few sites. That way, you can set up job alerts and get jobs delivered to your inbox every day.

Most job sites let you create multiple alerts. A set of alerts based on different criteria makes sorting through job ads more manageable. It might mean you get a few extra emails in your inbox each day, but it will stop you from going mad trying to keep track of jobs.

Don't go mad looking for work online

Here’s a couple of ideas about what kind of alerts you should set up.

Job type

You might be open to a few different types of jobs, so set up a different alert for each type.


Most of us want to get a job close to where we live. But, if you are open to moving you should set up an alert for different places you could move for work. Same if you are willing to commute for a job you really want.

Having job alerts for different locations is also a good way to see if another town has more opportunities that are right for you (and you could get up to $9,000 to help you move for work).


Set up an alert for your target salary range so you know where to focus most of your efforts, but don’t ignore jobs that fall over or under your target.

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You might find a job that pays a little less than you want, but it’s at a company you like or has great opportunities to progress or it’s doing work you really love. If you can manage it, a small decrease in pay is worth a good job opportunity. It’s also better than being unemployed for any longer than you have to be.

Where should you look for work online?

The jobactive website

Of course we have to give ourselves a plug. If you haven’t used the jobactive website to search for jobs you’re missing out. Seriously. One of the best features of the site is that it draws job ads from other sites:

  • Adzuna
  • CareerOne
  • APS Jobs
  • Spotjobs

Why waste time going to four sites when you can go to one? Heaps of small businesses and employment service providers advertise jobs on the site too, which is great if you’re looking for work in your local area.

Plus, doing your job search and applications on the jobactive website can save you loads of time if you’re on Centrelink. It automatically records your applications so reporting your requirements is way faster.


We can’t make a list without including Seek. More Australians use Seek than any other job board, and thousands of jobs are advertised there every day.

It’s pretty simple to set up an account on Seek. The job alert emails land in your inbox by 7am so you can start applying first thing in the morning.

You can also search for business, volunteering and learning opportunities on Seek, and the site’s blog has some handy tips and advice, too.

Honourable mentions

Indeed, Jora, Gumtree and even Facebook should be part of your job search. Although, you might start to see some double up of job ads because employers often post jobs on more than one site.

Big companies like Coles, Woolworths and McDonald’s advertise jobs on their own websites. You need to make an account directly with them if you want to apply.

sherlock holmes saying do your research

Even if you are signed up to job websites, if there is a specific company you want to work at you should always check their website to see if they have jobs going. While you’re there you can do some research to help you tailor your application and answer interview questions.

Where do you look for work online? Share your tips in the comments.


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    1. Hi Kiran

      That’s a great question a lot of people probably want an answer to!

      Many companies and government departments have graduate or internship programs. Going through a grad program is solid pathway to finding a job. While you aren’t always guaranteed a job at the end, you do get valuable experience you can add to your resume.

      It can be pretty competitive to get into a grad program. There are minimum GPA requirements in most cases – usually a credit average at least.

      Here’s a list of grad programs to help you get started with your search.

      If you know there is a particular company you want to work for, go to their website and see if they have a program, or contact them directly.

      Thanks for reading our blog post, Kiran. Good luck with your job search 🙂

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